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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 23, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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billy dean is going to play us another song in the after the show show. this is your what number annual tour? >> five or six years but for kenny, 33 years. the tradition is always to end in westbury, new york. >> you've got the best voice. can i borrow your voice for an answering machine according? >> everything so slow in the south. >> alisyn: if you weren't a singer, you should have been a anchorman. >> i can't read a teleprompter. >> neither can i. >> alisyn: exactly: merry christmas to my coanchors, kelly, great to have you. clayton, thank you so much. you gave me a beautiful pen. >> i tried to get her techy for so long. we start this sunday morning with new reaction to the
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national rifle association's controversial plan in response to the massacre in newtown. the gun rights lobby group calling for a debated proposal saying there should be armed guards in schools across the country. good morning everyone, i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. we're glad you're here. the nra plan coming on the heels of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. the deadliest mass shooting in a grade school in american history where the gunman armed with semi-automatic rifles made his way into the school with handguns as well. he killed 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest on the question of guns and guards in is schools. >> the consultant leading the nra's effort to secure the schools is asa hutchinson, a former republican congressman
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from arkansas who said he didn't think new laws and prohibition is the right way to respond to what happened in sandy hook and compared the nra plan to put a trained guard in every american school to the federal air marshal program put in place after 9/11. >> more sensitive that be airplanes. people resisted having weapons on airplanes but i oversaw the federal air marshals and it's a deterrent, no one sees that weapon but they're protected on the airplane and it's a positive impact on safety. schools are a sensitive environment as well. you could provide safety and security with armed, trained, personnel without putting fear in everyone. >> he argued since timothy mcveigh used fertilizer to kill men, women and children in oklahoma city, restricting firearms will not make children
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safer but many lawmakers are skeptical about the nra plan. >> we have armed officers in many schools in washington, d.c. we have armed officers in schools. and some of that is appropriate and perhaps we can do more. it actually doesn't cost $8 billion. we have 130,000 elementary and secondary schools in the country. if you had two officers in each, that would cost $25 billion. where is that money going to come from? >> friday. nra c.e.o. said the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. he explained parents will feel safer dropping kids off at school after the holidays if there's an armed police officer standing guard over their child's classroom. >> lots of folks on both sides of this. peter, thank you so much. in the meantime, rasmussen reports asked voters what they thought of limiting all firearms
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to just police and military use banning them for civilians. look at this. 63% opposed a ban. 23% of voters supported it, 14% weren't sure, eric? >> there's new fallout all the egyptian election. the mums brotherhood claims the islamic constitution passed with 64% egyptians moving forward. it comes one day before the election commission announces the official tally of voting completed yesterday. many asking this morning if an islamic egypt is what will now be created. former united states embassador to the united nations john bolton joins us. good morning. >> good morning, eric. >> good to see you. they finished two weeks of voting yesterday. what does this mean for the
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future of egypt? will it be an islamic state? >> this is a significant victory for the muslim brotherhood and president mohammed morsi even though voter turnout was down. the approval rate looks to be 63, 64%. that's not far off from what the muslim brotherhood got in the parliamentary agreement which was ruled illegal prompting a battle between morsi and the judiciary. they've proven they can get out the votes. there are clams claims of fraud and they'll reject the legitimacy of the constitution. the struggle is hardlily over but it's a success for the muslim brotherhood. >> this is a defeat for the christians? there are dire warnings of consequentials for the christian minority making up 10% of egypt. what does this mean for those who are not muslim? >> for the cop ticks it's
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immense concern. during the last two years of the arab spring, something in the order of over 100,000 coptic christians fled egypt and they're facing the prospect of sharia law. they don't think they're just a bunch of moderates. this is a worrying development, there's a lot of speculation the coptic christian christmas which is january 7th next year could be a time of protests and demonstrations. and we'll have to see how morsi responds. long term it's bad news for the coptics. >> morsi supporters say he'll call for reconciliation and unity. >> i think he's moving ahead. he's making progress.
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he has every incentive now to appear conciliatory. but when he schedules elections for the lower house of parliament, if the brotherhood and extreme islamist candidates get the majority he had before, he'll be in a position to implement the sharia friendly constitution. you can't read this referendum as anything other than a major success for the brotherhood. >> what does that mean for us and the obama administration and the new secretary of state, potentially john kerry, as we go forward? >> the foundation of american foreign policy in the middle east, the camp david accord, is in jeopardy. the brotherhood campaigned against it, morsi questioned it. the central premise of land for peace is at issue. you have a lot of other questions about the
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brotherhood's domestic policies in egypt but from the u.s. point of view, egypt's relationship with israel is at the center. following that, what is egypt's relationship with? morsi visited iran. i'm worried about that relationship and russian evans efforts to reestablish their ties. we're in for a worrying time in the middle east, but particularly in the relationship with egypt. >> not optimistic more 2013. embassador bolton, always good to see you, merry christmas. >> they can't to you and jamey. >> thank you so much. we have news about an international peace envoy from the u.n. headed to syria as chaos erupts. lockdarr will meet with bashar al-assad. he has had a hard time making headway in ending the civil war
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because neither side is interested in peace talks but he'll arrive to violence. there are reports of several people killed by a car bomb this weekend and new fighting erupted between the rebels and pro regime forces. also we're getting word there's been a bombing just crossing the wires, reuters report dozens have been killed and we'll give you more on that as we get it. >> in new delhi india, they're breaking up protest. demonstrators are calling for the death penalty for six men accused of gang raping a female student and through her from a bus. the protesters don't believe officials will follow through. right now that victim is fighting for her life in a new delhi hospital. the mother of u.s. marine veteran is speaking out.
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her son finally heading home after four months in a mexican prison. this took my breath away yesterday. jon hammar this, marine who honorably served us in iraq and afghanistan was arrested when he went to mexico on a break. he happened to bring with him an heirloom shotgun and filled out but he was arrested by police. thrown in this jail cell and chained to this bed for four months. his parents were asked for bribes after they received this photo. u.s. officials put pressure on the government. a court there deciding to let him go. he flew to the border with his attorney and his dad is driving him home to florida. his mother, incredibly relieved. >> it was like my first night i slept all night without getting up. it was just the thought of not
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wondering what's going on with him. can anyone hurt him tonight. he's eating, he's able to actually have a meal. you know, it's just -- i honestly can't totally process it until he's here. we're days away, so i'll take it. >> honestly he knows he made a mistake bringing in the gun but to be honest i'm happy his family's together for christmas. there are reports he surface from ptsd from his war time experience and his family says now he's got a stomach bug and a chest cold that could be pneumonia. if that gets worse they may stop along the way home at a hospital. a lot of people didn't think he would get out for christmas. a weather alert. the powerful storm is slamming the northeast. heaviest snowfall making a mess in syracuse, and as you can see, creating sloppy driving conditions on the roadways. early this week, the storm
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pounded parts of the midwest. look at that traffic that was stopped so all the drivers could do was, well, as you can see, toss the pigskin around a little bit to kill some time as they waited. what's the forecast look like for the rest of today? how about a white christmas? or not. rick rick in right. >> the storm thursday brought a white christmas for a lot of people. throw weather 8 behind me. a big storm on thursday turned in lake-effect snow, which is what those pictures from syracuse was yesterday. weather 8 behind me. as you wake up, it's a cold morning and those temperatures that are cold meaning where you got the snow, it's not melting. if you have snow on the ground you're guaranteed to get t the lake-effect snow snow will continue but mostly across the tughill plateau, maybe toward syracuse but a better day across
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this area. cross the west, there's a series of storms battering california. a lot of rain and a lot of mountain snow. we have one more storm today and into tonight. we'll move this one forward over time. this is a future radar. you see we've got this snow and the rain but by this evening, it moves down and we'll see rain all the way towards the l.a. basin. tomorrow morning, snow across the four corner states and this storm becomes an interesting one for us on tuesday. christmas day, check this out. snow across the panhandle of taxes and oklahoma. snow in oklahoma and we'll watch this potentially be a major weather maker wednesday and thursday across the northeast. so if you've -- pretty good travel conditions to get to your destination for christmas. getting home from christmas might be a different story wednesday and thursday from this storm. >> weather 8, how many of these fancy map things do you have? >> not enough. let me tell you, but we've got
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five different systems we run the maps on and sometimes the wrong one gets plugged in. >> i see you studying this stuff all the time. thanks a lot. the clock ticking down. can you believe it's nine days until spending cuts and tax hikes kick in for all of us? the president is standing firm on fiscal cliff negotiations and so much is at stake. why can't both sides reach a compromise? >> charlie, how are you? >> fine, good to be with you. >> great to have you here. good morning. look, they don't seem closer. everybody says they're compromising. i'm curious, do you feel from the president's point of view first that he made a campaign promise about what he would and wouldn't do regarding cuts and taxes and he's dug his heels in, standing firm? >> i think absolutely. he feels like he won a mandate and let's be clear, he won handily.
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he beat mitt romney handily in the election so he's walking away thinking he's got a mandate and that's why he's deeply dug in. the problem with that mandate is of course to say we want to -- he calls it a balanced approach. that is sort of a vague kind of campaign promise nobody really knows -- it's always sounding good but i don't think people are sure what it means. the problem is on the other side, with the republicans in the house, they have a mandate too. they won too. some of them won by larger margins and their mandate was the poms promises they made is they'll not vote to raise taxing for anyone. they'll fix the problem and stop spending and not raise taxes so they're in a bind when legislation comes to the house. they're not going to run in the street and stop anything that comes through. but they're not going to vote for something that raises taxes and that puts president obama and house republicans at
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loggerhead. >> i'm listening to what you say about the republicans and they have changed the limits, willing to accept higher taxes on certain taxpayers. further than they had gone previously. and the president, do you think it's an all or nothing proposition or -- he had said there was wiggle room last weekend. >> he did but i don't know what that wiggle room is because as you mentioned, speaker boehner, who is not one of those people who is standing there promising to not raise taxes on anyone, he's in the middle, trying to negotiate it. he's worked very hard. he came up with proposals that democrats sported -- supported two and four years ago. he put forth a proposal that was identical to one that nancy pelosi had suggested back when it was her idea. and the president just simply dismissed it out of hand. he said raising taxes on only people mdking $1 million or more
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a year isn't going to cut it. and so i don't really -- i don't see how, given the things that harry read and president obama have dismissed out of hand that speaker boehner brought them. i don't know what speaker boehner could bring to make them budge other than 100% of everything president obama now says he wants. >> one of the others things americans want and when they voted was on the back of their mind is this country needs a balanced budget like all of us have had to reevaluate our budgets. who is committed to that? >> well, i think that a lot of the stalwarts in the house to made the promise of not raising taxes, that where the people are most adamant about the importance of a budget. we're looking at five years now, is that possible? five years in the senate. harry reid has not been able to
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produce a budget and the budget president obama recommended last year or two years ago when to the democratic senate and went down in flames 99-1. his own party can't agree on a simple budget. >> what is reed's role? >> i think reid's role is to protect the president, which i think is foolish. when boehner was trying to get the votes for the compromise bill last week, and we saw that strange business where harry reid was coming out and we knew president obama said he wasn't going to support it, then harry reid saying we're not going to take this bill up. it wasn't even going to get president obama. the only thing i can see is that harry reid is trying to protect the president, which if you look through history, parties protecting their president in a second term usually pay a very heavy price in second admit terms. i don't think -- midterms. i don't think this is be
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different harry reid protects him from hard decisions. >> got leave it there. take care. >> chris wallace will be here for more on the fiscal cliff and we'll hear from two key senators. >> a woman falls into freezing water. we'll show you who jumps in to save her just in the nick of time. >> hard to say whether everyone would do this. will the holidays be a nightmare for you? >> how new technology is helping people with spinal cord injuries walk again. doctor siegel, dr. smatty and one man's remarkable story next. ? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh...
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some dramatic video, we're not sure why she did it but a woman jumps into the freezing water and a police officer jumps in after her to save her from drowning. she was cling to go a raft and struggling to keep above water. that officer, there he goes, swam out, used a life preservers and kept her afloat and more help arrived to bring them back
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to shore. witnesses say they were particularly impressed by this officer's bravery. >> he didn't think twice. he got out of cruiser, took his jacket off and ran down like a hero. >> the woman says she fell in accidentally and she did have hypothermia. when you get really cold. otherwise she's doing okay and so is the officer. the new year is fast approaching and with it a deadline for a deal to avoid $600 billion in spending cuts and tax hikes everyone's calling the fiscal cliff. the white house and top lawmakers are at odds on how to avoid the crisis. on "fox news sunday" two key senators gave their thoughts on where the talks are headed. >> i would hope we would have one last attempt here to do what everyone knows needs to be done,
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a larger plan that stabilizes the debt and gets us moving the right direction and does it in a way that is cognizant than we have a economy that's recovering and is weak. >> the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes. he sees a victory at the bottom. he gets additional tax revenue, he cuts the military which democrats have been calling for and he gets to blame republicans for it. >> joining us now as he does every sunday, chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> good morning, eric. >> we just heard two conflicting views. one senator saying that they hope to have one last meeting. the other saying he thinks president obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. chris, what do you think's going to happen? >> up till thursday, when the house voted down or didn't vote but obviously they didn't have the votes even to take up plan b i thought this was washington jockeying and posturing.
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but after boehner's plan b went down without a vote, i think there's a chance we could go over the cliff. you could see it in the markets on friday when they went down 120 points and could go down more next week. brasso thanks we're going over the cliff and conrad is saying, because he's not happy with the obama pair down plan to extend the tax cuts below $250,000 and extend unemployment. he wants to split the difference between the last offers boehner and the president made before plan b. i think that's a tough road to hoe and what this will come down to is your going to be asking republicans to rejected raising taxes on people below $1 million to now accept -- i mean extended
7:27 am
bush tax cuts below $1 million to extend only to 250,000. they would have to take a more dramatic step than the one they rejected. >> the word cliff is dramatic and some say it isn't a cliff, it's a slope. but it will, of course, cut spending and raise taxes. is there a feeling in that town that maybe that's what the government needs to do? >> yes. do they need to raise some revenue? yes. do they need to cut spending? absolutely. but the cliff is not the way. the congressional budget office says if you do this much of both of those things, this quickly will send the economy back into a recession and will raise unemployment back over 9%. so the problem is this is medicine and it's the right kind but too big a dose. >> it seems the meetings between mr. boehner and the president were pretty icy. if you have that atmosphere, what can get done?
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>> it's right. these guys can't make a deal with each other. the "wall street journal" are owned by our parent company, newscorp, had a great behind the scenes recounting of the last couple of weeks of negotiations. at one point boehner said to the president i'm offering $800 billion in new revenue, what do i get for that? and the president said you get nothing for that. >> in the next hour, billionaire businessman john castmeeti says they should get together. merry christmas and happy holidays. >> thank you, same to you. >> merry christmas, chris. >> thank you, jamie. >> coming up, chris's interview with john brasso -- >> 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. only here on the fox news chance. >> the doctors are in for the "sunday house call." they'll talk about incredible breakthroughs in medicine. this is reminder of what you
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